Classes Eligible for Skills Future Credit

Classes Eligible for Skills Future Credit

The Skills Future Credit was launched in January 2016, and Singaporeans aged 25 and above get $500 in credit to pay for a range of courses. Students interested in enrolling at Bake It Yourself Course Centre will be happy to know that they can now pay their course fees for the following course/s with Skills Future Credit:


Eligibility for SkillsFuture Credit:

Singaporeans aged 25 and above in 2016 will receive an initial credit of $500.

Singaporeans who are not yet 25 will receive $500 worth of credits the year they turn 25.

The Government will make further top-ups to individuals' SkillsFuture Credit at regular intervals, which will be announced at a later date.


How to apply for SkillsFuture Credit courses:

According to the recent SkillsFuture Singapore guidelines regarding SkillsFuture Claims, from 19 May 2017, there will no longer be pay-to-individual option for all SkillsFuture Claims. SkillsFuture will now pay the fee directly to the Training Provider (B-I-Y).

Therefore, starting immediately, there will now be 2 options when selecting a Wilton Method of Cake Decorating Course 1, 2 and/or 3. B-I-Y refund policy applies to both options.

Option 1:

If you do not wish to claim from SkillsFuture, you must pay full fee directly to B-I-Y.


Option 2:

If you wish to claim from SkillsFuture, you will be required to pay a $100 refundable deposit to reserve a slot for the class, terms and conditions apply. B-I-Y will need to confirm your registration (you will receive an invoice and a confirmation email) before you submit your claims as confirmation of the class is required by SkillsFuture as a supporting document. 

You are then required to proceed to SkillFuture Claims website to submit your claim. Log on to to search for Wilton (Course Title) and/or B-I-Y (Training Provider) and Log on to to search for Wilton (Course Title) and/or B-I-Y (Training Provider), and upload Fee Invoice from B-I-Y.

The following documents are required:

1.  Please ensure that the claimant is the attendee for the class (it is an offence to claim from another person’s account)
2.  SkillsFuture Claims can only be done 60 days before the course start date. Please submit your claims as soon as the claims window opens
3.  Your registration name must match your NRIC. SkillsFuture and Bake It Yourself requires this for verification.
4.  Your invoice from B-I-Y. Please submit with your claim.
5.  Input course fees amount “payable by you” as the actual course fee and not the $100 deposit. Select Fees Payable to Training Provider.

Please direct all questions regarding SkillsFuture Claim to SkillsFuture as B-I-Y does not have information of your claims.