Cakes N Such

Cakes N Such

How about spending half a day with your colleagues and teammates, baking together, decorating together and getting to know each other outside the office? What a great way to bond!

Learn to bake and decorate gorgeous novelty cakes with your colleagyes! Have fun working with a team-mate to bake a cake from scratch in a novelty shaped pan, and then decorate the cake by piping in coloured buttercream. We'll teach you how to make the buttecream, colour it and pipe basic stars and lines, then we'll leave it to you to decorate the deliciious cakes you baked. Work together and decorate a better cake than the other teams!

We’ll also teach you how to work with fondant (sugarpaste) to hand mold cute toppers to add to your decorated cakes, for a super effect!

At the end of the session, you’ll bring home half the novelty cake you’ve baked and decorated, to share it with your friends and family. And the next time if there’s a special occasion and you need a special cake, well, you know just what to do!

This is perfect for folks who have never baked and decorated a cake before! 

Session Details

  • Class Duration: 4 1/2 Hours (class can be extended another hour if you wish to eat and enjoy the cakes you have baked in class with your colleagues. Additional costs may apply)

  • Participant fees = S$100 per person

  • Maximum number of participants: 22 particpants (at B-I-Y Course Centre). We can also conduct this activity at other premises, if desired. Additional costs will apply.


What will you learn in this session?

  • Working productively and efficiently as a team to bake a cake using shaped pans, within a limited time frame

  • Collaborate ideas and colour schemes to create a beautiful cake together – colour icings, prepare tools, decorate a cake together

  • Exercise creativity by hand molding additional fondant accents to add effect to decorated cake

What this session focuses on

  • Collaboration

  • Teamwork

  • Productivity & Efficiency

  • Creativity and resourcefulness


To book, or request for more information, contact our Singapore Class Administrator at / 31-529-529  / 6-100-2253 ext 2.