All Cakes Big and Small

All Cakes Big and Small

Join us for an enriching and collaborative team bonding session, with cakes, cupcakes, icings, and all manner of fun tools and decorations!

Teams will be given one dozen cupcakes and one fondant covered cake, and an assortment of icings, tools, edible decorations. They will compete first in winning additional tools, sprinkles, icings. Teams will have limited time to discuss their concept and then create a comprehensive design to illustrate the session's theme.

At the end of the alloted time, each team gets to tell the story of their creation, explaining the metaphor and how their design represents teamwork or the theme of the event. The team whose design and presentation that best illustrates the theme, wins.

Rewarding, fun and collaborative, All Cakes Big and Small is a fantastic team building program for established teams to enhance camaraderie and improve team dynamics.

  • Event Duration: 2 1/2 Hours (for sessions with more than 6 groups, duration of session may be longer)

  • Group fees = S$300 per group 

  • Recommended Group size: 4 - 6 people (for groups larger than 6 people, additional costs will apply)

  • Minimum number of groups: 3 groups

  • Maximum number of groups: 6 groups (at B-I-Y Course Centre). We can also conduct this activity at other premises, if desired. Additional costs will apply.

To book, or request for more information, contact our Singapore Class Administrator at / 31-529-529  / 6-100-2253 ext 2.