Cake Popping Factory

Cake Popping Factory

In this fun activity, participants are challenged to churn out as many beautifully decorated cake pops as possible within a set time!

Teams will be provided with all necessary tools and ingredients in order to participate in the competition, where teams pit against each other to decorate the most number of cake pops! To ensure quality, cake pops that are not properly decorated or assembled will be discounted.

Teams get to bring home the cake pops they create!

Cake Popping Factory is a fun and challenging actovity that allows teams not only to bond, but is also an exercise in teamwork, efficiency and communication.


-  Event Duration:3 Hours (for sessions with more than 6 groups, duration of session may be longer)

-  Group fees = S$360 per group 

-  Recommended Group size: 4 - 6 people (for groups larger than 6 people, additional costs will apply)

-  Minimum number of groups: 2 groups

-  Maximum number of groups: 6 groups (at B-I-Y Course Centre). We can also conduct this activity at other premises, if desired. Additional costs will apply.

To book, or request for more information, contact our Singapore Class Administrator at / 31-529-529  / 6-100-2253 ext 2.