Course Centre Student Benefits

Course Centre Student Benefits

All students who enroll in the Courses or Workshops at The Bake It Yourself Course Centre are eligible for the following discounts: 


1.  Students enjoy 5% discounts from Retail Store & Course Centre for one calendar month from date of class / 1st lesson:

+ This discount is valid for one calendar month from date of class / 1st lesson.

+ This discount is only eligible for payments made at the store. It is not elgible for payments made remotely (eg, via paypal).

+This discount cannot be combined with any other offer

+ This discount can be used multilple times during valid period.

+ 5% discount voucher must be presented to our cashiers before payment. Only fully completed vouchers, with instructors' signature and company stamp, are valid. 

+ Selected products at the Retail Store are not eligible for student discount. If in doubt, please ask our staff.


2. 15% discount off Kenwood Mixers carried by the Store.

+ This discount is only applicable if students make full payment on their class days or they collect their purchases on their class days. We seek your understanding that there will be absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS from this eligibility requirement.

+ Students are eligible for the discount for kenwood products only if they fulfil all terms and conditions


3. Special Gaggenau Token of Appreciation for B-I-Y Students and Customers who purchase Gaggenau ovens, refrigerators and related appliances

+ B-I-Y Classrooms are equipped with the world renown Gaggenau ovens and refrigerator, This award-winning, Made in Germany, brand continually sets new standards in the private kitchen sector and the Gaggenau name is synonymous with exclusive culinary culture.

+ Students will receive a special gift from Gaggenau when they purchase any Gaggenau oven or refrigerator. All they have to do is to inform Gaggenau staff that they are students at B-I-Y Course Centre. 

+ The Gaggenau Singapore Experience Centre is located at 11 Bishan Street 21, Robert Bosch Asia HQ, #04-01, Singapore 573943. Tel: +65 63561080. Business hours are Mondays to Fridays 8.30am to 6.30pm. Saturdays strictly by appointment only. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. 




Main Reason? To us at The Store, cake decorating is not just a business, it's a passion and this passion is reflected in all the classes we conduct.

  1. We're The Cake Decoration Specialists! Do you want to learn cake decorating from the specialists or from generic baking supply stores? Where better to learn cake decorating than here, at Bake It Yourself. Our retail store carries the widest range of dessert decorating products, and the courses we conduct specialise in all kinds of dessert decorating, like decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, candy, petit fours 

Furthermore, what better place to learn cake decorating than from a Centre that has earned the confidence and made alliances with the world’s top cake decorating courses – Wilton Method of Cake Decorating and PME Professional Diploma.

2. Assorted Class Sizes: B-I-Y Course Centre has 2 classrooms, with different class capacities, which can be combined into one large classroom when required. So you can enjoy a class with a large group of fellow enthusiasts and friends and have a fun and noisy learning session, or a small class with a small teacher- student ratio ideal to learn advanced cake decorating techniques. 

3. Approachable, Eloquent And Fun Instructors Who Are Passionate About Cake Decorating: One of the key reasons why courses at The Store are so special are our instructors. Our Wilton and PME trained instructors are hand picked by The Store for their skills, enthusiasm, personality, eloquence and passion for teaching and cake decorating. 

4. State of the art, top of the line equipment: Our classes combine a fabulous homey atmosphere with state of the art, top of the line equipment. We work closely with our marketing partners to give our students the best baking experience ever. Our classroom is equiped with Gaggenau Ovens, Kenwood Chef, Major and KMix mixers and many Kenwood baking and cooking appliances. The best part is, after trying them out at our studio, B-I-Y students are eligible to purchase these items at unbeatable prices, and enjoy them at home.


The best Student Benefits in Singapore! B-I-Y students enjoy the best student benefits in Singapore on their class days! Our students reap the rewards we are able to give them through our close ties with key industry leaders