Course Centre Student Benefits

Course Centre Student Benefits

All students who enroll in the Courses or Workshops at The Bake It Yourself Course Centre are eligible to enjoy 5% discounts from Retail Store & Course Centre for one calendar month from date of class / 1st lesson:

+ This discount is valid for one calendar month from date of class / 1st lesson.

+ This discount is only eligible for payments made at the store. It is not elgible for payments made remotely (eg, via paypal).

+This discount cannot be combined with any other offer

+ This discount can be used multilple times during valid period.

+ 5% discount voucher must be presented to our cashiers before payment. Only fully completed vouchers, with instructors' signature and company stamp, are valid. 

+ Selected products at the Retail Store are not eligible for student discount. If in doubt, please ask our staff.