Beautiful Buttercream Foundation Class: Icing With Buttercream

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Beautiful Buttercream Foundation Class: Icing With Buttercream

Ever wondered how some cakes are so beautifully iced with buttercream - covered with beautifully piped decorations? Learn and practise these piping techniques in this class for cake decorating beginners, then let your imagination soar when you ice your very first cake! 

In this Beautiful Buttercream Foundation Class: Icing with Buttercream, you will:

* Learn to prepare a cake for decorating (levelling and crumb coating)
* Pipe roses
* Pipe long dots
* Pipe inverted ruffles
* Create watercolour effect
* Ice a real cake with techniques you have learnt
* Bring back a beautifully iced cake

This is the foundation in the series of Beautiful Buttercream Class. Other classes in this series:

Beautiful Buttercream Class Series One: Succulents and Billy Balls on Cupcakes

Beautiful Buttercream Class Series Two:  Roses, Chrysanthemums, Cherry Blossoms

Beautiful Buttercream Class Series Three: Peonies, Carnations, Ranunculous


* 4 1/2 hours
* No Pre-requisite: For Beginners
* Students will receive a B-I-Y Certificate upon completion 

Please note that there is no baking in this class. This is a strictly cake decorating class.

*Kindly note that photo and video taking during class is strictly prohibited. Photos may only be taken at the end of class, for individual or group photos showing completed cakes.

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