What Customers Say About Us

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" The other day I was in Raffles Place and walked down to your shop. It's absolutely amazing, it's a dream cake shop!!! Congratulations! I like how it's split into levels, and colours are gorgeous.... I truly enjoyed exploring it and of course spent a fortune :) :) Well done!"  Vavijana Velkov

"Just wanted to thank you for the (butter) cake. It is indeed delicious! " Mrs Luckshie

"I am one of the students who attended the extreme cupcakes class. I had a great time learning to decorate the cupcakes with fondant, cream etc. Now I know how to use those products selling in the shop to beautify my cupcakes!! Stephanie and Ariel were great & easygoing. I enjoyed the class very much. Looking forward for another class...on the lookout!" Nooris Mohd


"I want to thank (Melena Yeong) for being such a wonderful and patient teacher. I enjoyed myself throughout the whole course, For someone like me with zero culinary skill, it was indeed very fun! My family was impressed by the projects I brought home after every lesson." Pauline Lee


"I recently stopped by your lovely school and retail store. I was warmly and friendly greeted by all and each member of your staff as I walked around and perused your items and classes. This made a good impact and left a positive feeling in me as I left your store" Luz Lopez


"I tasted the pineapple chiffon roll at your counter, it was simply amazing!!!!!!!" Elna Tan


"Kudos to you for coming out ready made cake & cream for working woman like us who enjoy decorating cake but don't have the many free hours to plan, buy and bake cake & preparing all the ingredients. I will be visiting your shop to check out these new products very soon..." Alice Ooi


"B-I-Y courses have been a hit out here at SCB, and the number of emails and phone calls I receive per day enquiring of such classes, is not funny!" This was what one student / staff wrote to me, "Oh! I personally find the class taught by Donna very good. She explains why things must be done in a certain way and what will happen if it's not done correctly. She also shares her personal experience with us...Pretty interesting! Quick! Go organise few more other classes with B-I-Y!!" Standard Charted Recreation Club


"I would like to thank you (Stephanie Tan) for being so patient with the girls. We had a wonderful time learning to make the cookies and cupcakes. I know the girls enjoyed it. I would definitely want to consider some of the other courses for the girls next year." Merlinda Laura Theseira, Pei Cai Secondary School


"Thank you for coming up with BIY. I think it's the most perfect idea anyone can ever think of! BIY has always been THE destination to get all of my baking needs and I totally dig all of your products! =) Being a self-taught baker, BIY has provided all the tools and ingredients that I need for my baking experiments! (http://muffillecious.multiply.com) KUDOS to you and your team! =)" Huda


"Cheryl, you and your gals are such gems. I absolutely love shopping at your store." Linda Yeong


" Thanks for your help for the very prompt delivery each and every time I place an order (for customised icing image)!" Lotus Ren


"Just wanted to drop you a thank you note with regards to the recent icing image order. I know it was supposed to be ready on Saturday but yesterday (Friday) I tried my luck and called B-I-Y in the late evening to check on it and was pleasantly surprised that it was ready. So I quickly made my way to the store to pick them up cause my cupcakes were due on Saturday and it would have been quite rush to collect it on Saturday and get the cupcakes ready in time (saved me time and worry). I know that it is 3 days notice normally but that was a nice surprise (didn't know about the 6pm cutoff time but will take note now).
Also, I was stuck in a very bad traffic jam all the way there and I thought I was going to miss the shop closing time of 7pm so I called B-I-Y and asked if they could wait for me until 715pm. They were very nice and said yes although I did manage to get there at 7pm right on the dot!" Christine Lee


"Thanks for bringing in those fantastic patchwork cutters." Anne de Silva


"Thanks all of you. All of you were wonderful and very co-operative. We enjoyed our (Wilton Method of Cake Decorating) course." Chef Rahat Ali, Dubai


"...Melena's (WMI Instructor) great! She's an instructor who brings fun and life into cake decorating.. easy to consult, not overly strict, neat, professional and yet friendly. Our class for Wilton Course 1 had sooooo much fun with her and we brought a champagne to toast on the last day." Angela Chin


".......my first attempt at baking ever and I never thought I could come up with something like this. Tks for inspiring me." Cheryl Yapp


"Cheryl, you and your team have definitely done more than imparting knowledge. We are grateful and really appreciate the human touch the most. Sandy has been just as wonderful as the others. Shahirah and me as usual had a wonderful time. Personally, i would love to attend Course 3 as I very much want to learn how to 'multi- tiered' cakes for my 'Wedding anniversary project'. I .....will definitely keep on coming

back to B-I-Y." Sha Patel


"The BIY store is wonderful and there aren't many places like it in Singapore." Emmy Choi


"BIY stands out in a niche mkt in baking.....I really must give all the staff a big 'THANK YOU' for all the assistance rendered to me. This is a place where I can learn good baking knowledge and skills at a very friendly and relaxed environment and buy all the baking necessities that I need. BIY has never disappointed me." Shirleen Sng


"I would just like to thank you for the customized cupcake course we took. We are about to open our first cafe in September. The course and professors we had has been of great help to us." Adrienne Almeda


"Wilton (Method of) Cake (Decorating) Course 1... gave me the confidence to create this wonderful Lightning McQueen cake and with the encouragement of my very patient Instructor Kathryn, I did it ! I could not forget Alex and Chrissy's faces light up when they saw the cake for the first time ! Thank you so much!" Aida Sturgess


"You guys are stars, I'm so pleased with your service." Dee Allen

"All credit goes to Kathryn (Kok, WMI Instructor), we can have beautiful cakes because of her guidance. I've introduced B-I-Y to my friends and collagues, i told them B-I-Y course is more intensive, smaller class to ensure everyone gets the attention." Weliana Iwan


"We just finished our classes today. We had a great time and we learned more than expected. The instructors were amazing and your staff very accommodating. Thank You :)" Adrienne Marie Almeda and Jose Maria De Uriarte


"Cheryl, thanx to you and your fabulous store and not forgetting my Wilton Course 3 instructor, Ms BC Koh, I have ‘graduated’ from Course 3. Like Maggie, my previous instructor, BC Koh has a way of making us feel very much at home and though a disciplinarian at times, she’s a fantastic teacher who is perpetually able to turn what seems a difficult assignment into something interesting and fun. Together with your instructors, your crew/staff are just as helpful and I want to say a BIG thank U to all of u for journeying with me from Courses 1 to 3." Rosemary Teo