B-I-Y Instructors:

 Cheryl Chee, Wilton Method Instructor, PME Professional Diploma Instructor, Planet Cake Instructor
 Recipient of Wilton Three Year Badge Award (2011)
 Cheryl is the owner and founder of Bake It Yourself. She is a holder of Wilton Masters, Advanced Masters and Advanced Sugar Artistry diplomas, a certified  instructor for both Wilton Method of Cake Decorating and PME Professional Diploma, a member of International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES) and British  Sugarcraft Guild, and since 2009, she is also Singapore's only PME Instructor Trainer, accredited by Knightsbridge PME to evaluate and train potential PME  Professional Diploma Instructors. She is fervent about introducing and sharing the excitement and wonder of cake decorating with enthusiasts and  professionals alike. She believes in pushing the boundaries of cake decorating to greater heights, and this is reflected in the products she introduces at the  Store and the courses offered. She also writes in various magazines on the many aspects of dessert decorating.

 Her classes are mainly taught in English, although she is conversant in Mandarin.


 Kathryn Kok (KK), Wilton Method Instructor, PME Professional Diploma Instructor
 Recipient of Wilton Hall of Fame Award (2012), 500 Student Milestone Award (2010), 250 Student Milestone Award (2009) and Wilton Century Milestone  Award (2008) (KK)
 Kathryn manages the Bake It Yourself Course Centre and is it's Head Instructor. Kathryn is a fabulous example of a person who never stops learning. A  retiree who discovered a love for cake decorating after her retirement, she has embraced this passion as enthusiastically as she embraces life. Her motherly  concern for her students, combined with her perfectionist techniques, results in close relationships with her students, many of whom continue to keep in touch  with her even after they have completed their courses. Her classes are mainly conducted in English, but she is also fluent in Malay. 


 Stephanie Tan (ST), Wilton Method Instructor, PME Professional Diploma Instructor, Planet Cake Instructor
 Recipient of Wilton Three Year Badge Award (2013), 250 Student Milestone Award (2012), Wilton Century Milestone Award (2011)
 Childhood treats of simple yet beautifully adorned buttercream cakes on a platter at the original Polar Cafe in High Street was a highpoint for Stephanie. Now  a mom, she wants her daughter to cherish and share that nostalgic feeling of delicious and personally decorated cakes, simply and traditionally made from  home. She extends that same care and concern to her students as she shares her love of beautifully decorated and lovingly baked cakes through her  classes. Patient, conscientious and dedicated, her students have responded to her care with great affection and fired enthusiasm for this homely yet fulfilling  craft.




 Denise Tham (DT), B-I-Y Baker, Wilton Method Instructor, Planet Cake Instructor

 Denise has been baking and decorating cakes since she was 16 years old. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations. She  enjoys in sharing her baking and decorating skills and knowledge with her students. Denise conducts lessons in English, but more fluent in Mandarin.




 Allyson Fong (AF), Wilton Method Instructor, PME Professional Diploma Instructor, Planet Cake Instructor
 Recipient of Wilton 250 Student Milestone Award (2013), Wilton Three Year Badge Award (2012), Century Milestone Award (2011)
 As a child Allyson learnt baking from her mum. Christmas was a time when the family used to bake a lot. She loves reading culinary books during her spare  time and she has learnt a lot from her readings. A favourite amongst her friends and relatives is her sugee cake; a recipe brought down from her  grandmother. Her family however, loves her chocolate cakes!! In her spare time she like to bake or paint folk art to de-stress. Allyson conducts lessons in  English.





 Germaine Tan (GT)Wilton Method Instructor, PME Professional Diploma Instructor , Planet Cake Instructor
 Recipient of Wilton 250 Student Milestone Award (2013), Wilton Three Year Badge Award (2012), Wilton Century Milestone Award (2010)
 Germaine's journey in cake decorating began around 2001 when she was given a recycled cake decorating book by her dad and she was drawn into the  craft when a friend made a tiered birthday cake for a mutual friend. Since then Germaine has constantly been upgrading herself relentlessly to perfect her  skills. To date, Germaine holds various certificates in baking and cake decoration.



Tricia Tjhin (TT), Wilton Method Instructor, PME Professional Diploma Instructor
Recipient of 500 Student Milestone Award (2013), Wilton 250 Student Milestone Award (2010) and Wilton 250 Student Milestone Award (2010)

Tricia's love for baking and teaching started 9 years ago. She is largely self-taught and thrives on constant experimenting and practicing. Her teaching style parallels this closely. She encourages all her students to explore different ideas and possibilities. Students past and present like Tricia as she is encouraging and approachable. They feel totally at ease as she teaches without being imposing, guides without being restrictive, and commands respect with her unique style. Her classes are mainly conducted in English, but she is also fluent in Mandarin.




 Angela Ang (AA) , B-I-Y Instructor, Wilton Method Instructor

Angela has been mesmerized and fascinated by the world of baking and cake decorating since secondary school. She constantly upgrades her skills and knowledge, by attaining numerous certificates in baking and cake decorating. Her passion of baking and decorating on cakes has pushes her to consistently raise her personal standards in baking and decorating. She is always keen to share her baking and cake decorating knowledge with her students and colleagues. 





 Nur Rapika (NR)B-I-Y Instructor, Wilton Method Instructor 

 Nur’s passion for culinary and baking started at a young age which led her to pursue a diploma course in Baking and Culinary Science. Having been in BIY,  Nur’s passion with cakes was further fuelled as she demonstrates a fixation on cake decorating and at the same time experimenting with various baking  techniques. She also loves to explore new designs and concepts in cake making and to further refine her skills and techniques at the same time. Her  enthusiasm for confectionery and decorating arts is contagious and she hopes to become an inspiration to her students so they too can share the same  creativity for their loved ones.




Sonya Whatford (SW), B-I-Y Instructor, Wilton Method Instructor

Sonya has always been interested and immersed in every aspect of the cake making industry. She is very keen and passionate about all the skills that one need to have in order to create a truly memorable occasion when it comes to baking or designing her cakes. Coming from multi racial background, Sonya has always been surrounded by different colour, smell and tastes, when she was growing up, it's when the love for baking grew.
She is always trying to improve herself by reading book ,online research and attending classes herself. She believes that one should never stop learning in order to better oneself. She also believes that her classes not only be filled with lots of knowledge, but also be relax and with be filled with lots of fun.




 Sandy Seow (SS), B-I-Y Instructor, Wilton Method Instructor

 Sandy’s interest in cake decorating grew after taking her first course in sugarpaste decoration and since then, she has been constantly trying to improve her  skills and knowledge through her own research as well as taking classes. It truly fascinates her that the use of certain tools and materials, paired with the right  techniques, has the ability in enabling one to create countless of beautiful cake designs. She is grateful for the opportunity to share her knowledge with like-  minded individuals and believes that through the exchange of ideas in class, she will be greatly inspired by her students as well. 





  Cheryl Velasquez-Gaerlan (CV), B-I-Y Instructor, PME Professional Diploma Instructor

 It started with a cake decorating class her husband booked for her as a surprise. Just to give her something to do, he says. But that 'something' snowballed  into something sweet and many tubs of icings and cakes later, Cheryl found herself delightfully immersed in the world of cake decorating. She now finds  fulfillment in helping others discover the joys of making beautiful and delicious desserts.




Guest Instructors:

Anna Chan (AC), BIY instructor

Anna Chan has 12 years of baking experience and loves making baking simple and enjoyable for home-bakers. After a stint as an English high school teacher, she went on to open a baking school called Sugar Inc Baking Workshops and was its head chef-instructor for 7 years. 
Her work as a pastry chef has been featured in Singapore in print and on television, namely the Straits Times and on Mediacorp Channel 8 cooking programmes. She is the author of a mini recipe English-Chinese recipe book called "Gorgeous Cupcakes for the Homebaker". Aside from baking cakes and pastries, she has also trained in New York to make bread, and in Singapore for cake-decorating.  
Now as a mom of two, the cheerful and down-to-earth home-baker believes in a fuss-free approach to baking, and in using fresh, quality ingredients to achieve beautiful delicious cakes and pastries that are fit to grace important occasions and yet not at all difficult to achieve at home.