Store and Website Terms and Conditions

Our customers are very important to us. Your feedback and suggestions have made the Company what it is today, and continues to shape what we will become in the future. For all feedback, suggestions and complaints, please email to Cheryl directly at We reserve full right to refuse to serve or sell to any customer who is rude to or act in an intimidating manner to our staff. Our staff are enthusiasts. They work at Bake It Yourself because of their love for baking and cake decorating, and do not deserve to be intimidated or treated rudely. Your problems will be dealt with in a friendly courteous manner. Please consider the recipient of your complaints by polite emailing or calling, for better cooperation of your needs.



I have read and agreed to be bound by the Terms of Service Agreement as set forth by B-I-Y Pte Ltd and 
*Do not submit the order or enter into any transactions with B-I-Y Pte Ltd if you do not agree with our terms.

By accessing and using all services provided by B-I-Y Pte Ltd (inclusive of website, retail store, course centre, bakery, distribution), you accept and agree to be bound by these terms of service. The following Terms of Service describes the terms on which B-I-Y Pte Ltd ( offers you access to its services. This offer is conditioned on your agreement to all of the terms and conditions contained in the Terms of Service (as described in depth below), including your compliance with the policies and terms linked to (by way of the provided URLs) from this Agreement. If you do not so agree, you should decline this agreement. B-I-Y Pte Ltd may amend this Agreement at any time in its sole discretion.


1. Currency used: All prices stated in all services provided by B-I-Y Pte Ltd are in Singapore currency.

2. B-I-Y Mailing List: All our customers join our Mailing List voluntarily. We do not believe in an opt-out policy. We send monthly newsletters to our Mailing List customers every month, with announcements such as new products, new classes and class schedules, and any major announcements. 

3.  Ecommerce Order and Shipment Policy: Your receipt of any form of order confirmation does not signify or confirm B-I-Y Pte Ltd’s acceptance of your order. B-I-Y Pte Ltd reserves full right at any time to decline your order or supply less than the quantity ordered.

3.1 Has my order been received? You will receive an automatic email order copy including an InvoiceNumber. If you do not receive a copy of your order, email Include as much detail as possible; date, time, name, address, items ordered, shipping, billing information, etc. If you place a second order without inquiring, you may receive them both regardless of any computer errors. Duplicate orders are held to all Company policies.

3.2 Adding to an order already submitted via ecommerce website:  To prevent errors, we do not offer this service nor can we combine orders. Please place a new order.

3.3 Shipping charges:  

  • Local shipping: we use regular post for all local delivery. Our postal charges are a flat rate, unless package is deemed too large. In such cases, we will contact you directly to inform you of our delivery charges.
  • International shipping: Charges are calculated according to volumetric weight. We will contact you on final delivery charges.

4. Ecommerce Order Cancellation: NO cancellations will be accepted once our Company has processed your order.

5. Ecommerce Returns Policy: Once order has been processed, products are non-returnable, non exchangeable and non refundable except for the following conditions:

a. Product is proven to be defective (* broken fragile items are an exception) upon arrival.

b. Products received are different from what is stated on the invoice

If the above mentioned problem arises, we will be glad to make an exchange of the same product with you. Please contact us directly within 7 days of receiving the order. Only sealed, unopened and unused merchandise in its original packaging will be accepted for exchange. For hygiene purposes, the following products are not eligible for returns. No exceptions

a. Pre-Ordered and Specially Sourced Items

b. Custom ordered Items like Edible Icing Images

c. Unsealed Food Products

d. Sugar Dolls

e. Discounted Items, Products Purchased During Promotion

f. Dummy Cakes

g. Unpackaged Products like Piping Tips, Crimpers, Cookie Cutters

h. Any other product which compromises hygiene and food safety if returned

 WARNING: * Broken fragile items are non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non refundable. Fragile items includes but not limited to: sugar, gumpaste, icing flowers, edibles, items in plastic containers may arrive slightly damaged and/or broken. Most broken items can be fixed with a small amount of royal icing. We advise you to order extra for this reason. 

6. Product / Pricing Updates: There may occasionally be errors or omissions on our website relating to pricing or product codes and descriptions. Colours of our products may also not be accurately displayed due to instances beyond our control (monitor display settings etc). The Company reserves full right to update or correct any inaccurate or outdated information on our website at any time without prior notice. We also reserve full right to amend, decline or cancel any orders placed for products listed at incorrect price. In such instances, B-I-Y Pte Ltd may either refund you the outstanding amount or claim payment for remaining amount before shipping.

7.. Definitions of Product Date Labels: Our food products have long shelf lives (provided that you store them according to product storage instructions) and depending on the manufacturer, come with a Best Before date and/or Use By / Expiry Date. "Best Before" dates refer to quality rather than food safety. Foods with a ‘best before’ date should be safe to eat after the ‘best before’ date, but they may no longer be at their best.    "Use By" or "Expiry Date" refer to safety. Food can be eaten up to the end of this date but not after even if it looks and smells fine. Always follow the storage instructions on packs.  B-I-Y Pte Ltd does monthly checks on our products to ensure that our products are before their "use by" or "expiry date". We dispose all expired items. However, due to our very extensive range of products and high volumes, one or two of these products may be missed and may accidentally be sold to a customer. Should you purchase such a product, please contact the store immediately, and we will do either a one-on-one exhange or give you a full refund of the affected product straightaway. 

8. Product Availability: We stock a very extensive range of products, and it is impossible for all the products to be available all the time. If you purchase via our ecommerce website, items that are unavailable will be shown as such, and you will not be able to purchase them at the time. There may be some cases where a product is shown as available, but has been sold since. In such cases, we will call or email you to inform you, and amend your payment accordingly.

Some items are not available for shipping, but may be purchased at our Retail store (items that are fragile, heat sensitive etc).

9. Product Sourcing: If there are any products that you are keen to purchase but are unable to, do email us at We will try our best to source for you. If it is a product that we think will be of interest to many of our customers, we may decide to retail it as a regular product!

10. Use of Products

You are responsible for fully understanding how a product is used. B-I-Y Pte Ltd does not accept any liability whatsoever for the inappropriate use of any edible and non-edible items on any consumable products.

11. Modes of Payment: 

For purchases at our ecommerce website, we accept payment via Paypal.

12. Member Obligation: If you have registered as a member of Bake It Yourself website (, you are obliged to obey the following:

12.1 You are responsible for ensuring that your shipped to address and all personal data is correct and accurately completed in the right fields. We cannot be held responsible for any other incorrect information that may affect smooth delivery or email / phone correspondence.

12.2 You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account and any activities that occur under your account.  We shall not be liable for any loss or damages which may arise from failure by you to take the necessary measures to protect your account details.

12.3 B-I-Y Pte Ltd reserves full rights to terminate your account if it has been hacked into, or you are using the account in any way inappropriate to the main purpose of the account, or engaging the account in illegal or mischievous activities.